Better, Faster, More Affordable Consumer Research
Consumer research is vital for companies to succeed, but traditional research companies are often too slow, too expensive, and offer a limited amount of respondents and data.

Cleria uses technology, automation and one of the largest consumer panels in the world to make consumer research up to 10x faster, 10x more affordable, with a larger amount of respondents.
What You'll Get
We focus on clean data, rapid speed, and making sure you get the right support when you need it.
Enterprise Quality
We constantly check responses for quality, so you get accurate data to base decisions on.
Higher Speed
Our average turnaround is 1-2 weeks, but in urgent cases we deliver results in days or even hours.
Advice & Support
We do all the heavy lifting, from survey design to execution. Unsure about something? First time planning research? Contact us to discuss with an expert.
Technology Driven
You'll get your own interactive dashboard - with free graph and data exports if you need them - as well as an executive summary of the most important insights.
Global Coverage
We run research around the world and take care of everything that entails (e.g. translations, etc.)
More Respondents
Difficult-to-find target group? We still guarantee you a minimum amount of respondents, without extra costs.
How It Works
How Cleria makes consumer research better, faster & more affordable
Since you get more respondents at lower costs, you can dig deeper into smaller segments of the population and find actionable insights otherwise hidden in small respondent bases.
We own one of the largest & fastest growing consumer panels in the world, which means we can get respondents a lot faster than others. In additional, we use technology to automate the research process as much as possible.
More Affordable
We work with thousands of hand-picked partners to recruit a continuous consumer panel instead of manual, often phone based, one-time recruitment. This leads to costs per response that are much lower vs. traditional research companies.
Sounds Interesting?
Click the button to immediately choose a time slot that fits your schedule. We run you through what we do and show you how we help companies like yours.
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